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MITECH MT600 Muti-mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:MITECH
Model Number:MT600

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Standard export carton box
Delivery Time:3-7 days
Payment Terms:TT100% in advanced, Paypal, Western union
Detailed Product Description
MT600 multi-mode ultrasonic thickness gauge is a upgraded product. We pay more attention to user experience and innovative features such as visual experience, protection grade, automatic alarm and etc..Color TFT display (320×240 TFT LCD) with adjustable backlight, allow the user to work at worksites with low visibility. IP65 degree of protection, can effectively prevent harsh field environments of oil, dust and other corrosion. It also has voice broadcast function, automatic alarm., 0.1mm/0.01mm/0.001mm resolution, bluetooth communication and penetrate the coating mode and normal mode functions and etc.. It can measure the substrate thickness without the need to dispose of coating directly. Its unique non-destructive testing performance provide the perfect solution for the thickness testing of closed Pipes, containers, etc. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and other fields because of monitoring corrosion thinning degree of various pipes and pressure vessels.It can also be used for precise measurement of sheet metal and machined parts. This professional precision instrument is to improve production efficiency and qualified rate, cost saving.
Technical Parameters

Technical Specifications Technical Parameters
Measuring Range Support two modes for thickness measurement
Pulse-Echo mode: (0.65~600)mm
Echo-Echo mode: (3.0~100)mm
Accuracy ±0.04mm(≤10mm);±0.4%H(>10mm);
Measurement Frequency Single-point measurements per second 7 times, 16 times a second scan mode.
Display 320x240 TFT color LCD screen, adjustable backlight brightness
Resolution 0.1mm/0.01mm/0.001mm switchable
Sound Velocity Range (1000~9999)m/s(it can measure the sound speed of material with known thickness)
Calibration Zero calibration, two-point calibration, automatic error correction system
Working Modes Single-point measurement, the max value measurement, differential measurement
Units Metric/Imperial unit selectable
Working Languages Chinese/English selectable
Memory for up to 100 files (up to 100 values for each file) of stored values
Communication Interface Support bluetooth and USB2.0 communication, the host program can be updated online.
Power Source Two “AA” Size, 1.5 volt alkaline batteries,operating time is more than 30 hours (ELbacklight off)
Data Printing You can use portable bluetooth thermal printer to print measurement reports
Automatic Power Saving Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life
Appearance Properties Material: ABS plastic; size: 150mm × 76mm × 38mm;
Weight 295g
l Capable of performing thickness measurements on a wide range of material including metals (such steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and so on), plastic, ceramics, composites, epoxies, glass and other ultrasonic well-conductive materials.
l Sealed metal case delicate design, special designed for defense against bad site environment, it can anti vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference
l With HD colorful LCD display and intelligent operation interface, it can display the measurement results intuitively and provide a good display experience to user.
l With two thickness measurement modes: Pulse- Echo mode and Echo-Echo model, it can measure the thickness through the coating without calculating the coating thickness.
l With large storage capacity and lower power design, it can standby super long time above months.
l Attach with USB data proceeding software, it can connect with PC for data’s analysis, storage and printing.
l Capable for compatible with a variety of probes with different frequency and size.
l With high accuracy and high resolution display, it can support 0.001 display resolution.
l With probe-zero calibration and two point calibration functions, it can correct the system error automatically.
l Equipped with narrow impulse composite crystal high accuracy probe, it has small dead zone and accurate measurement.
l With high brightness EL backlight display, it is convenient for using in dim light environment.
l Support communication with Bluetooth printer on site, more conveniently for use.
l Auto alarm when exceeding the measuring range.
l With auto sleep, auto shutdown and other power saving functions as well as battery rest capacity indicating function.

Working Principle

The digital ultrasonic thickness gauge determines the thickness of a part or structure by accurately measuring the time required for a short ultrasonic pulse generated by a transducer to travel through the thickness of the material, reflect from the back or inside surface, and be returned to the transducer. The measured two-way transit time is divided by two to account for the down-and-back travel path, and then multiplied by the velocity of sound in the material. The result is expressed in the well-known relationship.
H-Thickness of the test piece.
v-Sound Velocity in the material.
t-The measured round-trip transit time.
To make sure the probe working properly, it needs to use couplant to isolate the air between the probe surface and the measured workpiece surface. The liquid used for the coupling between the probe and workpiece is called as couplant.
Transducer Selection

Model Freq Diam Measuring Range Lower limit Description
N05 5MHz 10mm 1.0mm~600mm (in steel) Φ20mm×3.0mm Normal measurement
N05/90° 5MHz 10mm 1.0mm~600mm (in steel) Φ20mm×3.0mm Normal measurement
N07 7MHz 6mm 1.0mm~600mm (in steel) Φ15mm×2.0mm For thin pipe wall or small curvature pipe wall measurement
HT5 5MHz 12mm 1.0mm~600mm (in steel) 30mm For high temperature (lower than 300℃) measurement
N02 2.5MHz 14mm 1.0mm~600mm (in steel) 20mm For thick, highly attenuating, or highly scattering materials
P5EE 5MHz 10mm Pulse-Echo:2.0mm-600mm (in steel)
Echo-Echo: 3.0mm-100mm (in steel)
Φ20mm×3.0mm Trough-coating thickness testing
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