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URNDT MT-250 Demagnetizer

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:UNIREW
Model Number:URNDT MT-250

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Carton
Delivery Time:3-7 days
Payment Terms:TT
Detailed Product Description
1, Product Summarize
The MT-250 demagnetizer is an AC demagnetization device that passes through the distance method or attenuation method. It uses the city network power frequency power supply to directly apply to the coil to generate an alternating magnetic field. When the workpiece passes through the coil and is far away from it, it can achieve the purpose of demagnetization. There are two demagnetization methods for this equipment: 1. Away method: This process refers to the process of moving the workpiece from one side of the coil to the other and away; 2 Attenuation method: The workpiece is placed on the coil and the current is gradually attenuated by pressing the work button. process.
2, Technical parameters
Coil cavity size: 250*250*300㎜;
Coil turns: 400T;
Rated current: 20A;
Magnetic field strength: ≥250GS;
Temporary load rate: ≥50%;
Demagnetization effect: ≤240A/M (0.3mT);
Power supply: three-phase 380V±10% 50HZ maximum 30A;
Weight: about 200Kg.
3, Installation
The equipment should be installed in a dry environment without a large amount of dust, corrosive gas, flammable and explosive materials;
The temperature of the surrounding medium is not lower than -50C and not higher than 400C;
The relative humidity of the air is not more than 75%;
The interconnection between the power supply line and the equipment shall be connected according to the indicator plate and the plug seat;
The ground should be level and the equipment should be placed in a balanced east-west orientation;
External power distribution must be equipped with corresponding air switches.
4, Debugging:
After the equipment is in place, first open the cabinet door and check whether all connecting wires and fastening screws are loose or falling off.
Connect the interconnection between the power supply line and the equipment, and the equipment shell is reliably grounded.
Measure whether the maximum magnetic field intensity in the center of the coil meets the design requirements.
The equipment can be put into production after passing the debugging and inspection.
5, Packing size and weight:
Packing size: 2000x900x1400 mm
Packing size: 500 kg
We need 6 - 8 weeks to produce. We suggest delivery by sea. 
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