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Industrial X-ray Radiography
URNDT B160G X-ray High Frequency Flaw Detector

URNDT B160G X-ray High Frequency Flaw Detector

7 inch large LCD screen with Chinese and English menu display; Small focus, clear imaging, and strong penetrating ability; Suitable for various generators to meet the needs of field operations; Suitable for small environments;...    Read More
 Metal body shell tube barrel

Metal body shell tube barrel

The heat exchanger inside the barrel is made of pure titanium tube, and the outer shell is made of carbon steel. It is suitable for places requiring high pressure, high pressure and high temperature. The heat exchange effect is good and the scope of a...    Read More
Film Flushing Liquid

Film Flushing Liquid

Developing concentrate liquid, each barrel is A, one bottle is B, one bottle is C, and when developing, 19 liters of developing working fluid can be diluted. Fixing concentrate liquid, each set A, a bottle set B, when fixing, 19 liters of fixing flui...    Read More
JYNDT Industrial Automatic Film Drying Machine

JYNDT Industrial Automatic Film Drying Machine

JYNDT film dryer is a new automatic film drying machine launched by the company in response to market demand,featuring high drying speed,high efficiency,and good effect,which meets market demand and enjoys the favor of users....    Read More
JYNDT Industrial Automatic Film Processor Machine

JYNDT Industrial Automatic Film Processor Machine

The automatic industrial film processing machine adopts the structure principle of deep groove U type conveying chip, and realizes high-speed automation in the whole process of developing film, washing, fixing, washing and drying. Specially designed a...    Read More
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