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IDEA-IT24ET Multi-frequency Remote Field Eddy Current Tester 

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:URNDT
Model Number:IDEA-IT24ET

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Standard export carton box
Delivery Time:3-7 days
Payment Terms:TT100% in advanced, Paypal, Western union
Detailed Product Description
IDEA-IT24ET intelligent all-digital multi-frequency eddy current testing instrument is a new generation of eddy current non-destructive testing device, With the adoption of the most advanced digital electronic technology, multi-frequency eddy current technology, and microprocessor technology, it can achieve effective inner wall and outside wall cracks detection of the ferromagnetic and non- ferromagnetic metal pipes in real time.
IDEA-IT24ET has a complete set of eddy current testing system. integrated with the conventional multi-frequency, multi-channel, conventional eddy current testing systems, it can also turn to be high-performance, multi-purpose, intelligent eddy current testing apparatus.
With four relatively independent testing channels, IDEA-IT24ET can receive four absolute and four differential eddy current signals. via the soft switching, the instrument can also be switched to be two dual-frequency eddy current testing detectors with two simultaneous probe connections. The testing frequency is 50Hz to 10MHz with a variable frequency range for choices, and it has the function of weak testing signals amplification and strong anti-jamming capability. Applied to the tube cracks testing, with inner-through probe, it can easily detect the defects such as inner/outside wall surface crack, pits, corrosion, thinning, wall materials and internal defects. And it has the feature of computer-controlled auto-testing, digital display, high testing sensitivity, stable performance and so on.
Therefore, IDEA-IT24ET particularly suitable for various in-service metal (copper, titanium, aluminum, zirconium and other metal material) tubes and metal parts flaw detection and wall thickness measurements and evaluation analysis in nuclear energy, electric power, petrochemical, aerospace, aviation and other departments. More detailed, such as the testing of before service or in service boiler tube, heat exchanger tubes, underground pipes and cast iron pipes,etc.   
1. Frequency range: 50 Hz ~ 10 MHz
2. Two independently selectable frequencies
3. 3 mixing unit (automatic mixer)
4. Real-time trace memory of 4 eddy current signals
5. Gain range: 0 ~ 99dB continuously adjustable, the work of each file 0.1dB step
6. Phase Rotation: 0 ~ 359 ° continuously adjustable, precision 1 °. In the phase-setting process, the screen instantly displays the phase change in impedance after the plans and eddy current signal amplitude and phase values, convenient and intuitive
7. Adjustable probe stimulus, 1-8
8. Fast digital / analog electronic balance
9. Four trace impedance plan and eight internal belt curve analysis display,
10. time-base scan display.
11. Delayed blanking function of memory path
12. Menu-driven man-machine dialogue (in English and Chinese versions, Chinese Traditional / Simplified fonts optional).
13. Operating system is WinXp, Win7, Win8
14. Automatic signal amplitude and phase measurements, and eddy current signals slow (adjustable) playback
15. Digital filtering: Low-pass: 0hz ~ 2000hz, high-pass: 0hz ~ 2000h.
16. Configuration analysis function
17. Can be equipped with access absolute, differential and self-comparison forms, including through type, interpolation type, flat type, point, rotary and other probe
18. With a unique non-constant-amplitude phase / amplitude domain Alarm
19. Multiple hardware alarm output port
20. Real-time alarm output, delayed alarm output
21. Mass storage can be various testing procedures and test data
22. C-scan display
23. Automatic Phase / defect depth curves show
24. One-screen display the cross-section diagram of in-service pipeline, the rank number of tested tubes, and the eddy current testing signals.
25. Classified marks of pipe cross-section diagram, to form eddy current testing overview map of in-service pipeline
26. Classified statistical test results (tables and histogram display), to facilitate the cumulative analysis of test results
27. Automatically display the calendar and time
28. Optional Data Analysis System
Particularly applicable to nuclear energy, electric power, petrochemical, aerospace, aviation and other departments in the service of copper, titanium, aluminum, zirconium and other pipes, metal parts of the flaw detection and wall thickness measurements, and a variety of ferromagnetic pipeline testing, analysis and evaluation.

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