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XXG Series Ceramic Tube Directional X Ray Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin:PR China
Brand Name:URNDT
Model Number:XXG Series

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Standard export carton box
Delivery Time: Goods in stock,could send out within one week
Payment Terms:100% T / T, Paypal o Wester Unión
Detailed Product Description
1. Main purpose and scope of application
The aircraft as carry-destructive testing equipment, mainly used in machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automotive vessels, pressure vessels, oil pipelines, chemical industry, metallurgy, railway transportation, military and other industrial production: such as inspection of the hull, piping, pressure vessels, boilers, aircraft quality, vehicles and bridges and other materials, spare parts processing welding quality, internal defects and a variety of light metal, rubber, ceramics and other processing.
2. Product Features
Portable X ray flaw detector is the third generation of self-developed products, Can be equipped with the company XXQ、XXH、XXG all x-ray generator use. The machine uses micro controller and analog circuits combined mode, with a user-friendly smart phone operating system have fast analog control system. Devices with internal self-test, over voltage, under voltage, over-current, less current, temperature control ect protection circuit variety., and to add lights to display the code works. Automatic training machines and force 1: 1 way of working to ensure the stability of the equipment, the following features
A. Compact controller internal structure, small size, with a handle for easy carrying.
B. With a dust proof, waterproof membrane panel and touch keyboard, LED digital display, LED status indicators, display operation more simple and flexible.
C. Complete automatic training machine function can improve staff efficiency and extend the life of the machine.
D. With automatic over voltage, over current, under voltage, under current, pipe head over temperature protection and sound and light alarm.
E. With functions of delay start-up pressure,Facilitate the operator to evacuate radiation area.
F. Work and rest time according to 1:1 setting machine,With functions of forced to rest,Don't change time to rest because of the mandatory power cuts.
G. Controller can launch total run time record, no lose when power supply drop.
H. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, aerial and other special work site environment applications.
I. The controller is equipped with a safety lock、To prevent illegal normal operation.
3. Environment
A. Environment temperature:20℃~+40℃
B. Storage temperature:       -30℃~+70℃
C. Relative humidity:           +40℃ Not more than65%       
D. Location does not allow the use of inflammable and explosive dangerous media, Surrounding medium should not contain corrode metal and damage the insulation of gas and conductive medium . Don't allow full of water vapor and the presence of severe mold.
E、outdoor use should have a defensive rain, snow, wind, sand, ash facility.

4. Overall structure
X-ray flaw detector equipment by the controller, XX (Q / H / G) X-ray generators, low voltage cable, power cable, operating warning lights, lead door chain (indoor optional) and other components. See below:

5. Parameters
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